South Korea has one of the biggest pavilions at EXPO 2017. The country prepared impressive content for the capital. The most exciting shows, advanced and interactive IT presentations allow the visitors to understand how Korea has become one of the most technologically advanced states of the world.


-  Could you please tell us about the concept of the Korean pavilion? What innovative developments have you presented to the visitors of EXPO 2017?



- At Expo 2017 in Astana, the Korean pavilion represents advanced technologies in the energy sector. The innovations of our country are basically Information Technology. We presented our own vision of the future, particularly, a new world connected with renewables which will certainly make our life more comfortable.

The concept of our pavilion is presented in the form of Smart Energy Micro-systems which include solar energy, energy saving system and intelligent heating system. The latter is different from yours, from the centralized heating system. Our system is completely adapted to any terrain and is managed by the Smart House information technology. The smart heating system was invented by a well-known company that develops Korean boilers.

I want to draw the guests' attention to our development of solar energy collection and conservation. Unlike other proposals, our development has a great advantage since it allows using the stored energy even in rainy and cloudy days. We also have the Korean Energy Conservation System which is the most advanced technology in the world. Famous Korean companies produce their goods by using this technology. We help millions of people around the world to save energy. We also brought an unusual Korean car to the expo. The car uses hydrogen technology. I think all of these are of interest for the guests of our pavilion.


–Could you please tell us, to what extent the renewables are popular in South Korea? Does the Korean population actively use them in everyday life?



 - In Korea, technology is very advanced with the use of renewables. If you go to an ordinary Korean village, you may notice that almost every house has solar panels. Autonomous energy is generated with the help of renewables. Later on, people receive electricity and sell them to power companies. In the end, this electricity is used by other consumers.


Korea hosted the expo in 2012. Could you please tell us, what kind of new opportunities this exhibition opened up for your country?



 - In 2012, the Yeosu city hosted the exhibition. Thanks to the expo, the entire world became aware about our city. The huge infrastructure projects were brought to Yeosu and a lot of investments were invested in this region. After the completion of the expo, Yeosu has acquired a tourist value for the whole country. We aren’t just confident; we know that the expo gives impetus to development.


 - In addition to the impressive content, could you please tell me how will you surprise the guests of EXPO 2017 during the National Day?



 - The national day of our country will be held tomorrow, on July 19th. Especially from Korea, an orchestra will arrive at the capital as well as a group of professional taekwondo players will show an interesting performance. I invite everyone to visit our pavilion because this is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the Korean culture. Today, in the territory of the Saryarka cycle track, the most popular Korean performers will give a grand concert.


 - Could you please tell us about your impressions on EXPO 2017, on the organization and on the scale of our exhibition?



 - I saw the scale of Astana Expo 2017 and I want to highlight that not so many countries in the world can organize an event of such a high level. In addition, I’m very delighted that the organizers of EXPO 2017 are able to successfully prepare for a world event in a short time. I’m confident that after the expo, Kazakhstan will become the center of world events and the venue of the most prestigious international events.

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