The seventh floor of Kazakh national Nur Alem pavilion is devoted to space. A planetarium with a digital image of immense space can blow away the visitors. It demonstrates the formation of galaxies and constellations.

The outer space has long been alluring to the mankind but the first space flight took place only a little over a half century ago. The entire history of the first flight is shown in the space exploration tunnel that also brings the visitors to the International Space Station where once can learn what astronauts eat and how they live at the space station.



 - I felt like I’m in space and understood that I want to visit the space station. I think it will be possible in the future. I hope so.


Utilization of cosmic energy is no longer a fantasy. Scientists put a specific time frame when people will curb the great power of the infinite space. Hypersonic aircrafts are expected to be created within a couple of decades. At present, researchers can create technologies that achieve 8-10 times the speed of sound.



 - Thermonuclear fusion is also associated with space. Thermonuclear fusion plants can be launched in the future. We need to develop this sphere, because it is practically an endless and environmentally friendly source of energy.


The Moon Hall is one of the most popular exhibition areas located on the seventh floor of the Nur Alem pavilion. It is a simulation of a settlement on the Moon  to accommodate future settlers from the Earth. The energy potential of the Earth’s satellite has a promising future.

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