Exotic culture, biodiversity and more than 80 million years of life describe the Madagascar island. EXPO 2017 hosted the national day of Madagascar. This island state is one of the few countries which has just started to think about the renewables. This is why during the exhibition the country’s delegates have a unique opportunity to adopt knowledge and experience in green technologies.



 - The main thing about the pavilion is that. It is a very small thing so probably you dismissed it, is a very small thing in the center of the pavilion. It is a cooking pan with energy. Well, as to coordinate with the main theme of EXPO 2017.


The potential is really huge, especially in the development of solar energy. In general, more than 20% of the island’s population doesn’t have access to electricity. Therefore, the issue of implementing solar energy is set at the national level.



 - I visited all the pavilions of the African countries including Madagascar. I liked it very much. Of course, there are few scientific projects but I delve into culture of African people.


Madagascar is entirely exotic with its music, dances and souvenirs at EXPO 2017. In honor of the national day, African musicians performed for the expo’s guests.

Delegates of the Federal Republic of Somalia intend to solve the issues of sustainable development and contribute to implementation of the country's energy industry, too. This state intends to get the experience in alternative energy sources at EXPO 2017 in Astana. Somalis came to find business partners and show their culture. A concert with the participation of the famous East African pop singer, Nick Kosovo, was dedicated to the country’s national day at the international exhibition. His songs are based on traditional Somali music. A number of dance groups gave performances, too. The holiday continued with a parade which passed the route from the national day stage to the Africa Plaza pavilion.



 - Now we are looking forward to have solar energy. Now we plan focusing on solar energy based on Somalian culture. 

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