Thermonuclear reaction games, solar cars, photovoltaic modules and other innovative solar energy projects are showcased on the 6th floor of Nur Alem national pavilion. Visitors can learn about ancient people’s perception of the sun, myths about solar deities and the first scientific discoveries in solar energy. A solar car is one of the most famous exhibits here.



- This is a solar car which is made in Germany and is called the BioCruiser. This car travels 120 kilometers per hour at its maximum speed. If fully charged, the car travels 500 kilometers per hour. Here we have a mini-model of a solar car which means that you turn mirrors towards cars and the car runs on the solar energy.


Digital, interactive and multimedia technologies help  to expand expositions' perception. For example, the projection of the the sun’s surface is breathtaking. High temperature is maintained in this dome-shaped closed room for greater reliability. Another installation is presented in the form of an interactive sensor game. Visitors can learn about the composition of the sun’s surface by following the rules. Both children and adults expressed interest in the exhibits.



- Solar energy has a great future. The idea is very good and informative. I brought my children and they really like it, too. The visitors can see how our universe works. I am impressed!


Kazakhstan has sufficient solar energy resources. Approximately 70% of the country's territory has a high number of sunny days per year. Kazakhstan sets ambitious goals. By 2050, Kazakhstan targets to produce up to 50% of electricity from renewables.

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