Qatar had its national day at EXPO 2017. The event traditionally began with a flag-hoisting ceremony of the two countries. As the head of Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs highlighted, the state pays a lot of attention to the renewables and considers this to be one of the most important steps for protecting the environment and preserving the natural resources. In addition, one of the world’s richest countries intends to expand investments in non-oil sectors of economy.



- I’m very proud that Kazakhstan is hosting such a grandiose event as the expo. I’ve visited your national pavilion. It is really very impressive. I’ve visited many high-level exhibitions, but I haven’t seen a pavilion like yours yet.


The theme of the Qatari pavilion is New Energy Horizons presenting the country's achievements in alternative energy. The Qataris believe that human ingenuity is unlimited. Therefore, Qatar has installed a special terminal where visitors can put their ideas in writing.  Some of these ideas may be of benefit to the humanity in the future. The pavilion presents many other modern and future projects.

The Qatari pavilion didn’t forget to showcase its history and traditions. On the National Day of Qatar, the organizers introduced guests to Arabic songs and music genres. One of the most popular bands in the Middle East, Maqam Ensemble, performed at the event. The musicians performed not only the traditional program, but also the folk Kazakh songs.

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