The Lithuanian pavilion is presenting alternative energy developments and more. One of the most picturesque Baltic countries brought virtual reality glasses and unusual dishes to EXPO 2017. Particularly, honey caviar and fish ice cream. These dishes were cooked by nano-technologies. Lithuania has the best amber in the world. Moreover, every tenth laser scientists use worldwide is produced in Lithuania. This is why the organizers chose the radiant design as a main theme of the EXPO 2017 pavilion. The laser infinity room is the central exposition of the site.



- Very few things connect our languages and peoples, we are so far apart. However, we have the word ‘Saule’ in common which sounds the same both in Lithuanian and Kazakh. We use this symbol of the sun's ray because I’m sure that this means more than just a physical phenomenon.


Approximately one quarter of Lithuania’s electricity is produced with the help of renewables. This figure outruns the government's plans. According to the state program, the country would have to reach 23% target only by 2020.



- We demonstrate high quality solar batteries and we are certainly ready for cooperation in different areas because the Minister of Environmental Protection heads our delegation.


Lithuanians believe that the future lies with renewables and actively develop this sphere. The country has approved a sustainable energy concept until 2050 which aims at switching the energy system from nuclear and carbon to alternative.



- Solar and wind power is what will give us energy in the future. Of course, no one knows what other renewables will be developed later. German government no longer subsidizes energy sector, which means that renewables are profitable. Lithuania has also approved the sea water project. The calculations showed that it will be beneficial.

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