A student project in the field of rational use of water resources has won the Holland Innovation Challenge organized by the Netherlands. Six teams, including the students from Kazakhstan and the Netherlands, conducted research in greenhouse gardening, waste management and application of space technologies. The teams developed unique ideas. One of them involves introduction of a smart water supply system to residential buildings. The project sparked interest among the jury. The system will be introduced in the construction of high-rise buildings in Almaty. Once tested, the system may be introduced in construction throughout Kazakhstan.



- Our goal is to introduce this technology to reduce water wastage. As the President said, there will be water shortage worldwide in 2025; therefore we should address this issue now.


Holland is the one of the leading exporters of agricultural products despite its small territory and because of its advanced greenhouse technologies. According to the Minister of Economy of the Netherlands, Kazakhstan has all the prerequisites for introduction of such technology in various fields.



 - And it’s the same as what the countries are doing too and what big companies are doing, too. If Kazakh companies want to do business in the Netherlands, they speak with their customers in the Netherlands, they speak with the government and try to offer solutions, and that’s companies are doing the same in Kazakhstan. And now the students are doing the same, too. And that’s well for society and also well for the students themselves.


The Netherlands is one of the world’s leaders in development of alternative energy sources. The country of tulips is showcasing innovations in agriculture and green technologies in its expo pavilion. 

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