Household waste, the interior of the house and the forest moss generate electricity. Finland's know-how in the field of renewables is surprising.



- 90% of garbage in Finland is processed and recycled into 2 types of energy: thermal and electric. First, all the trash is sorted out. Three types of debris, particularly, methane, plastic and paper are separated. When the biomass is spoiled, methane is produced. This can be burned in order to produce electrical and thermal energy. Paper can be crushed and burned which results in production of 2 kinds of energy. Plastic can be recycled to produce a new plastic.


Finns accumulate solar power in special batteries to heat buildings in winter. In addition, Finns proudly call themselves the inhabitants of the greenest country in the world. Forests cover more than 70% of the country's territory. The pavilion is designed according to this theme so all the sections are made from the Finnish spruce.



- On the Finnish pavilion, I can say unequivocally that it makes us think about our future, about the future of our children. We really enjoyed it.



 - I’m from Moscow.  I’ve seen a lot of new things. An engineer is always interested in new things. Now the most promising areas  are at the intersection of science. Therefore, new technologies and renewables are represented here in the widest possible way.


The highlight of the pavilion is a tree of wishes. Every visitor can write the most cherished dream on a piece of paper and fasten it on a tree. The Finnish promise that all the wishes of the guests will come true.

Outside the Finnish pavilion Finnish Santa Claus, Jo-Lu-pukki from Lapland meets the guests.



 - At Christmas time I travel with reindeer. It is much warmer than in Finland and Lapland. Because in Lapland it is now +10.


Finland has an ambitious goal which is to increase the share of renewables up to 50%. In the next 10 years, Finland is going to reduce half of the imported oil and to abandon use of coal. According to the representatives of the pavilion management, Astana EXPO 2017 can play a certain role in this process.

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