Ukraine opened its National day at Astana EXPO 2017 in a non-conventional way by showcasing a rock concert with national motives. The delegation decided to surprise the Kazakh people and foreign guests not only with renewables, but also with coloring. For example, this thirty-meter handmade towel made of at least 20 kilograms of thread was brought to Astana.

The best Ukrainian achievements in the development of renewables are presented in the section. The special kind of jalousie that can generate energy from any light, ultrasonic energy meters, a solar energy concentrator as well as wind and biogas plants is presented, too. In sum, there are 83 offers.

Alexander Sogok is an Ukrainian inventor. The collector is a product of his handiwork. The installation is more powerful than conventional solar panels.  In Ukraine, the product has found its application not only in industry, but also in private economy.



- It is very irrational to use the electricity producing solar panels to heat the premises because the panel has 20% of heat from the sun. This concentrator converts 70% of solar energy into heat.


Today, only 2% of energy in Ukraine is generated by green technologies. In the future, Ukraine plans to increase this figure to 11%. For this, the country needs to get investments. For this reason, they have arrived at Astana EXPO 2017. The exhibition is a good chance to implement joint projects with Kazakhstan in the field of renewables.

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