-Welcome to the National Pavilion!

The sphere shaped Nur Alem pavilion can be rightfully called the heart of the international exhibition. The unique complex is located in the center of the expo and represents a ball with a diameter of 80 meters. The National Pavilion of Kazakhstan is also the largest and most visited exhibition venue. It takes at least two hours to visit all 8 floors of the pavilion. The tour of the largest sphere of the world starts from the very top. By moving downstairs guests get into a mysterious cosmic world - a deep black abyss which is full of stars, galaxies and satellites. Modern science and study of renewables have stepped far ahead. Today, solar panels can be seen even on glass jars and on outer clothing.



- This is the first car that uses solar energy.

Soon, the family cars of the new generation will be manufactured.



- It reaches a speed of more than 120 km per hour and the power reserve of which is more than 500 km.


Wind power is broadly used in the world, too. For example, this is the installation of the Dutch developers.



- Energy is extracted with the help of electrically charged water droplets. The design is very suitable for  the use in urban or rural areas.


The technology can be found only in the European countries. It provides the light to residential buildings.

Many scientists rely on biomass. Today the biomass covers approximately  10% of the global energy. For example, this plant is able to heat houses.



- Jatropha is an amazing plant which grows in South America. The plant can grow in Kazakhstan, because it isn’t capricious and instead it grows in different climatic conditions. It’s possible to generate energy from the plant through chemical processes.


In the pavilion visitors can find out that today it is possible to produce energy from anything.


For example, energy is generated by friction or using the sea waves.



- The waves oscillate and generate wave energy due to special generators, tides and outflows.

The guests of the Kazakh pavilion appreciated innovations in the industry of renewables.



-The exhibition is magnificent. You walk the floors and the heart stood still.

- I’m from Germany; this is my first visit to Kazakhstan. I’ve seen a lot of novelties and technologies.



- The exhibition in Kazakhstan is very interesting. There are so many entertaining and interesting things. I’ve arrived only today, I haven’t had time to examine all the pavilions, but I will definitely visit every single one. The Kazakh pavilion has especially astonished me with its scope.


Inside the Nur Alem, it is possible not only to see the application of various types of renewables, but also enjoy the view on the Astana EXPO 2017 and the entire capital. An observation deck is located at the very top of the sphere shaped Nur Alem. Meanwhile, the first floor introduces visitors to the history, lifestyle and culture of Kazakhstan.

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