New green technologies presented at the Astana EXPO 2017 are fascinating and futuristic. The exhibition is a great opportunity to see modern engineering solutions and what mankind is doing to save the planet. For instance, Monaco is showcasing its developments connected with thermal springs. Monaco uses hot springs to generate power. They also use the water from the Mediterranean Sea to provide heating. According to the deputy commissioner of Monaco’s expo pavilion, Alexandre Bocquillon, there are many things in common between Kazakhstan and Monaco. Both states are aimed at sustainable development and have stable markets.



 - We try to use more green energy. I can say that 40% of energy used in Monaco is green energy obtained from neighboring countries. Government decided to use only renewables from the neighboring states. In general, I would like to say that Astana EXPO 2017 is being held at the highest level and we hope that this exhibition will make a great impact on the development of advanced technologies.


Russia has brought a piece of an iceberg to the Astana EXPO 2017. It was cut by nuclear-powered icebreaker. The iceberg is kept cool in a facility with a regulated temperature. Russia’s Future Energy derives from the Russian Arctic, which is considered the most promising in terms of development of alternative energy sources. The Artic is also rich with mineral deposits. The Walls of the Russian pavilion are illuminated in a way that creates the effects of polar lights. Russia is also exhibiting new developments in hydro power and hydrocarbon industries.



 - There are areas hard to access. The transportation of traditional energy is becoming more expensive for us, it would’ve been easier to build a wind power station there and use the solar energy as well. This is the Caucasus and Arctic. We are exhibiting the model of floating nuclear power plant that is able to provide electricity to a town with the population of about 20,000 people.


Serbia has presented water and wind power technologies. Motion detectors inside the installations imitate the river flow. The interactive installation lets visitors regulate the volume and velocity of the flow. Serbia exhibited a biomass energy generator. It generates biogas and biofuel. The pavilion also tells about the famous Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla.



 - First of all, we want to demonstrate Serbia’s hydropower. Water is one of the most utilized sources of renewable energy in Serbia. The world’s first hydroelectric power station was built on the Niagara Falls over 100 years ago. Four years later, Serbia built the world’s second hydroelectric power station, and this station is still in operation. We also provide information about it here.


Uzbekistan has presented cars that run on biofuels and solar energy. Uzbekistan’s pavilion is located on two floors. On the first floor, there is the technology of the future, and on the second – fruits and dishes served to every visitor. Uzbekistan is also famous for its decorative and applied arts. Therefore, they have displayed various fabrics, carpets and kitchen utensils.



We carefully prepared for this exhibition. The exhibition is devoted to the "future energy", and we have presented our nanotechnologies, this is Uzbekistan's future potential, but the second floor was designed to let every visitor to get to know our homeland, try our traditional food, we brought fruits and various drinks made from fruits grown in our sunny land.

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