The Polish pavilion has presented blue coal at Astana EXPO 2017. Unique fuel is obtained through the heat treatment of ordinary coal. The fuel releases more heat, but has 80% less low emission than common coal. In general, the Polish pavilion’s entire first floor is designed in the form of a coal mine devoted to modern technologies in the field of energy. On the second floor, the Polish forest awaits for visitors. The atmosphere is recreated to the smallest detail so you can smell the fir-needles and hear the sounds of nature in the pine bora wood. Poland actively promotes the concept of forest carbon farms. This special way of farming allows absorbing more carbon dioxide and reducing harmful emissions by protecting the soil and peatlands. According to forecasts of experts, within 10 years these farms can “connect” about 40 million tons of CO2.



 - Our pavilion is themed with thoughts to accentuate the connections between Poland and Kazakhstan. Both Kazakhstan and Poland have big coal reserves. The association with this product isn’t good and rather bad, but we have decided to show the new technologies. We intend to display that the coal isn’t bad, but it is necessary to change technology.


Poland intends to contribute to Astana urban gardening. Thus, the Day of Polish Forest campaign is scheduled for July 6th, on Astana Day. For this cause, 300 trees have been brought from Poland to Kazakhstan. The seedlings will be planted on the territory of new Botanical Garden. On the National Day of Poland which is scheduled for September 7th at Astana EXPO 2017, the visit of the Polish President, Andrzej Duda, is expected.

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