Astana guests can now see the latest technologies, advanced developments and interesting projects in the expo pavilions. The specialized international exposition offers a unique journey for its visitors.  One of the interesting exhibits is a 60-meter panorama in the UK pavilion depicting a living universal landscape generated entirely by a computer. The panorama surrounds a striking centerpiece inspired by a Kazakh yurt.   The installation consists of 200 spokes that react to a person's touch. Before exiting the pavilion, visitors can see a special display of graphene – The UK’s most recent global innovation. The UK expo commissioner, Charles Henry, has highlighted that British high-tech scientific achievements will be demonstrated in Astana. At the same time, the organizers expect that the pavilion will inspire young Kazakh people to seek new solutions in order to facilitate and improve the lives of the people and humankind as a whole. A large team of specialists led by a renowned designer Asif Khan built the exhibition complex. The UK was one of the very first countries that decided to be part of the Astana EXPO 2017.



 - The United Kingdom was one of the first countries to agree to take part in expo 2017 because we recognize our relationship with Kazakhstan. It is so important, we have many companies who are already working here.  What we want to do is to highlight British creativity, British ingenuity, British invention and British technology because over centuries United Kingdom has been the birthplace of new inventions and new ideas and we are going to the future that is what we are going to be there as well.


In the Luxembourg pavilion, the expo guests can see several laboratories dedicated to the third industrial revolution focusing on reasonable energy and space resources. The pavilion presents projects of the duchy that focus on studying the universe. The country's laboratory of intelligent energy reveals how a smart grid works and what a smart city is. The pavilion also features video presentations about Luxembourg. For this purpose, mini-halls are set in the pavilion. The Kazakh capital has impressed the country’s delegation with its modern architecture and unique infrastructure.



- This city is very special in the beginning because it is completely you know all of those we have some little hits that goes up and down / 00 02 29 01 // 00 02 31 04 and it is like New York City.  



 - Everything I saw proves that Kazakhstan has accomplished enormous work in terms of architecture and applied technologies to prepare for the exhibition. I visited Kazakhstan’s pavilion. It was something unbelievable and fascinating. I express my gratitude to Kazakhstan for the high-level organization. This is a success!


Luxembourg pays great attention to development of new technologies. Delegates held meetings with representatives of the Kazakh Ministry of Defense and Aerospace Industry.



 - Our ministry was created quite recently but we already exchanged working groups. Our working group visited aerospace industry enterprises and took part in discussion of cyber security issues. This is a new sphere for cooperation and exchange of experience.


Solar Energy Park generates electricity for uninterrupted six-year operation of a washing machine in the UAE. The detailed information is available in their expo pavilion. Its solemn opening was attended by Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum. There are three expositions in the pavilion. The first brings visitors to Arabian Desert, the second to an oasis and the third exhibits solar energy systems. The Emirates are also preparing to host the EXPO. It will be held in Dubai in 3 years. Therefore, the experience of Astana is of particular interest to them.



 - The ceremony was fantastic! Honestly, I felt like |I am a part of it. I’d like to congratulate Kazakhstan on the great opening for the EXPO 2017 in Astana.


Presentations captivate visitors’ attention at every pavilion. EXPO 2017 Future Energy will last until the 10th of September.

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