November 22, 2012 has become a significant date for Kazakhstan. Astana was voted the host city of the 2017 universal exposition by voting at the 152nd General Assembly of the International Exhibition Bureau.

A “city in a city" with the total area of ​​174 hectares was built over the past few years. The town now is home to exhibition pavilions of 115 countries. 408 domestic enterprises were involved in the construction, creating 55,000 additional jobs. The exhibition can receive about 13 thousand people per hour. 4,500 volunteers from all over the country are involved in the event. 1 million 200 thousand tickets have already been sold. The expo PR campaign has reached out to over one billion people.

Malaysian pavilion intends to surprise and amaze the guests of the expo. It is a combination of traditions and modern technologies. People can buy clothes made from recycled plastic debris, taste the local cuisine and leave their mark with hot wax on a huge canvas. When the expo finishes the result of this "public art" will be taken to Malaysia and will be showcased at one of the expositions.



-We’d like to showcase to Kazakhstan would be our beautiful rainforest you can see and in the center we’d also like to showcase to the world that we have got our renewable energy and also our future energy that Malaysians to offer. The last segment of our pavilion we also would like to show our culture.


The Korean Pavilion will surprise the visitors, too. The republic will present a car on a hydrogen engine at Astana EXPO 2017. This is the latest development from Hyundai Corporation. The ways how South Korea acquires and stores the energy of solar batteries, and the infrastructure of "smart life" in the "smart city" will be presented to the visitors throughout three months.



- On the second floor of the pavilion the guests can see the Olympics in Phenchang, Jeju Island. The photos and videos of famous actors and performers will be showcased, too. A big concert is scheduled for July 18th, where Korean popular stars will perform in Kazakhstan. Within the framework of the expo, the Kazakhstan-Korean energy and business forums will be held, too.


I am ready to share my fantastic achievements and know-how and Japan like the sun, wind, water, fire and even hydrogen energy. The natural elements are the most important energy sources in Japan since thanks to them the energy problems in the country are solved in the country with poor natural resources.



- The pavilion themed as the Smart mix of technologies and our most important message is to use all kinds of energy. As the country of technology we produce a lot CO2 and now we are working on to decrease the amount of negative consequences of the gas and the use of it as energy.


The guests can not only see but also learn all of these interesting and sometimes amazing imaginative developments of Astana EXPO 2017 until September 10th.

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