The United Nations Organization has presented its pavilion in the Astana Expo 2017. The UN pavilion’s theme is ‘energy for sustainable development’. They showcased the most advanced projects in the sphere of green technologies. Visitors of the UN pavilion can launch a micro-hydro power station, observe the process of generating energy, and also see the interactive atlas of solar resources. 



 - We are very pleased to see the commitment of Kazakhstan for energy efficiency, for renewable energy, green energy and we believe Kazakhstan can be a leader in this area. And it is also great that Kazakhstan is creating this platform for countries, businesses, civil societies, academia to come together and share experiences, learn from each other come up with new ideas to renew that commitment to Paris agreement and sustainable development goals of each energies in huge component. We need energy, we need sustainable energy so that we have a sustainable future.


An interactive sandbox attracted special attention of the visitors. It demonstrates the use of natural resources in the face of climate change, for instance, a new irrigation technology which saves up to 30% of water in the arid regions of Kazakhstan.



 - There is a laser leveling technology. The equipment levels the earth's surface and this keeps water on the surface. This surface is leveled; water accumulates here in case the surface is uneven. Then, loss of moisture occurs. We have tested this in Kyzylorda region. It is characterized by high aridity and moisture-saving, one of the priorities in the region.


The pavilion is also displaying a small copy of the underground greenhouse located in Arnasai village. It works with a help of photodiode illumination. The given technology is one of the first in Central Asia. Results were impressive. It is planned to open such greenhouses in other cities and villages across Kazakhstan.



 - You can see basil and salad here. They grow in 60 days in ordinary conditions, but in our greenhouse they grow in 40-45 days. It is very profitable.


Nine UN agencies are participating in Astana EXPO 2017. During the exhibition, they are planning to hold a series of events and announce the results of breakthrough research.

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