Latvia is one of the first to finish the pavilion’s design at Astana EXPO 2017. A two-storey fitting in 365 square meters is divided into thematic zones and conference rooms designed for meetings and negotiations. Three interactive gems are located right in the heart of the storey which the visitors can access by observing a 3D show of the country’s story and attractions.



- There are six themed 3D glasses which convey about Latvian nature and Riga. There will be a fantastic opportunity of performing next to Raymond Pauls who specifically starred in the video. I reveal one more secret, there will be opportunity to ride a sleigh, a bobsleigh and hit our famous track in Sigulda.


Today, more than 30 companies have confirmed to participate in the expo. The organizers forecast the increase of participating companies up to 50 within next three months. In Astana, the Latvian Railway and the Freeport of Riga are the major companies which will present their latest technologies and developments to solve logistics problems.



- We will introduce a 3D printed hydrail locomotive. We will work to ensure that by 2020 this kind of locomotive will be used for railways and perhaps, Kazakhstan’s railways in the future.


The current President of Latvia, Raimonds Vejonis, will visit the expo in Astana. He will open Latvia’s National Day on July 9th.

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