Kazakhstan has a single base of solar resources atlas. The interactive project was presented in Astana. Now the data of monitoring solar activity in the whole territory of the country is accessible online. Atlas is intended to become one of the tools to attract investors in the field of energy-saving technologies. Furthermore, this will be of interest to users of solar installations, and to all consumers of renewable energy. The atlas was created as a part of a joint project of the Ministry of Energy and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to support the implementation of the concept of the country's transition to a green economy.



- Its value for the country is in the fact that it allows online determination of the so-called degree of solar installation. This means it shows the intensity of sunlight that falls in one area or another and up to the binding of a particular area. The investors can immediately understand in which area and region they can have opportunity and the economic incentive to implement their own solar stations.

The wind atlas is already successfully operating in Kazakhstan. Owing to this wind atlas, it is easy to determine the prospects of using alternative energy at any chosen point. This data has helped to install hundreds of wind turbines in the regions.

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