Expo exhibition is inspiring scientists and inventors. They are promoting their alternative energy developments. One of such inventors is Nazarbayev University student Radkhan Sarmukhanov. The Engineering School graduate developed a unique program on rational use of energy resources. It uses current and ambient temperature data. Special sensor installations are used for this purpose. The program calculates an algorithm that determines the life of transformers of any type with accuracy to a minute. According to the university professors, this development has no analogues. Radkhan will present his development at EXPO-2017.



 - The main idea of our project was to create a program that calculates the remaining life of a transformer in real time. It is very useful. It helps to use energy more efficiently.


Expo visitors will be able to see a prototype of a multi-level and multi-row wind farm created by an inventor from Mangystau region. The know-how of Marat Issekeyev is made from materials manufactured in Kazakhstan. The invention works on the basis of air stream. Floor and ceiling plates play the role of a diffuser. The curved blades, fixed on the bearings, always rotate in one direction regardless of the wind direction. The coefficient of wind energy use is 50% higher than of analogs.



 - At present, the imported and Kazakhstani wind turbines are quite expensive, I think, because 1 kilowatt of power costs from $1,200 to $1,500, excluding transportation and installation costs. The given installation is 3-4-5 times cheaper, that is, less than $500 per 1 kilowatt.


The wind turbine can even be installed on a house. The payback period is not more than two years. Kazakhstani development has already sparked interest among specialists from other countries.

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