Cars running on water instead of gasoline, industrial enterprises that emit oxygen instead of harmful gases into the atmosphere – this is not a fantasy, but a very real future. These projects are the winners of the "Online EXPO 2017" competition. They have been presented at the First Republican Green Economy Leaders Forum in Astana. Scientists do not just invent, but also successfully introduce their developments into production. Vladimir Borisenko developed an air-free air purifier and installed it in his enterprise. Expo visitors will be able to see this know-how in the summer.



We burn slag and garbage to heat 7,000 square meters. We don’t have a pipe and do not emit anything to the atmosphere. The world needs such sort of unique technologies that do not have any chemical reagents. It consumes less energy and is very efficient.


Kazakh scientists will present 28 energy conservation developments at the upcoming EXPO 2017.



 - Our country has potential in wind renewable energy sources - more than 1 trillion kilowatt per hour. Kazakh inventors are developing wind generators, wind turbines, solar collectors, panels, concentrators trying to utilize solar, wind and water energy.


Not only inventors but also some green technology organizations have been honored at the forum. These are almost 70 social facilities, greenhouses with pyrolysis ovens, solar collectors, panels, light and LED lightening. Mass media also contributes to the promotion of green economy. The best TV programs were awarded at the forum. The organizers say that the republican forum of green economy leaders will be held on a regular basis because it is an effective way to make investors and inventors communicate. Green economy will have a great future if investors and inventors combine their efforts.

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