The World Bank has allocated $30 million to stimulate efficient innovations in Kazakhstan. Grants will be provided to scientists and businessmen who are ready to do industrial research for further technology commercialization. A new Smart Zholy platform has been created in Kazakhstan  for implementation of such intellectual projects. The program was initiated by the Foundation of the First President and is carried out in partnership with the Echelon Asia Summit, the leading start-up platform in South-East Asia.



 - The contest was launched in the end of March. We received 71 applications from teams. Team projects were prevalent rather than individual applications. We selected 10 best projects, the final decision was made by our partners from Singapore based on the selection criteria.


Smart Zholy project’s finalists will be able to do a two-week internship in major corporations in Singapore. Foreign experts promise to share their experience and create a joint innovative project.



 - I think this program Smart Zholy is very timely because it provides opportunities for Kazakh teams to come to Singapore and provide customized solutions for corporate studies that we need. It is very timely because this is the year when corporates need innovation. I think one of the smarter ways of doing it is we bring high quality teams together with Kazakh teams and provide them the solutions, so that the solutions will be ideally what we actually admire.


The First President's Foundation will launch the second phase of the Smart Zholy program in autumn. According to experts, the innovative project will create a promising platform for launching startups on the global market in the future.

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