Transition to green economy is being widely implemented in Kazakhstan. The program is aimed at raising the share of renewable energy up to 3.5% in the total amount of electricity generated in Kazakhstan by 2020. It is planned to implement 28 green energy projects in Almaty region by that time. Over a dozen small hydroelectric power stations are already operating on the major rivers of Zhetysu, wind and solar power plants are under construction. One of them is located near Kapchagai. Five wind turbines generate 4.5 megawatts of energy. According to experts, the wind rose of the Shengeldin massif allows developing wind energy in this area. At present, there are two stations with five and seven wind turbines. In the future, additional 30 "windmills" will be installed there.



 - There will be 20 wind turbines in Kapchagai in Shengeldin massif. The total cost of the project is 6 billion tenge. New jobs will be created in rural areas.


Solar power plant is operating in the region. Monocrystalline solar panels are installed on an area of 6 hectares. 30% of them are equipped with automatic system of tracking the sun, 70% of them are stationary. The capacity of the power plant is 2 Megawatts. In the next few years, 4 new power stations will appear in the region.



 - Chinese investors are planning to install solar panels in Kazakhstan, so that we could produce bigger amount of electric power.


By 2025, over 35 green energy projects with the capacity of more than 90 megawatts will be implemented in the region.

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