Footwear has changed significantly in the past decade, but it feels like there’s no fundamental difference, ZME Sceince reports. Sure, we got better technology, more flexible and sturdier shoes, we got air and all those cool things, but it’s still pretty much the same thing, with the same basic design. Masaya Hashimoto and Vibram want to change that. Hashimoto took his inspiration from the Japanese tradition of Furoshiki.


Furoshiki is a traditional japanese wrapping cloth used to wrap anything from boxes or flowers, but it can also be used as clothing. Now, with this new partnership, it can also be used for shoes. The series of shoes doesn’t have any laces, using wrapping soles that fold around feet through a simple hook and loop system. This and the specially designed gripping system keeps the shoes in place and does everything that a regular shoe does, while being much lighter and having less material.


There are also several other advantages. For starters, it’s much more flexible on the size – it’s almost sizeless. It’s also easier to pack and carry around, and it’s much comfier to wear without a sock.






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