Medical tourism is gaining momentum in Kazakhstan. According to experts, this sphere of services is in demand among foreign patients. Patients from India, the Czech Republic, Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom, and China receive treatment in Kazakhstan. Number of medical services is increasing as the market grows. Central Clinical Hospital of the Presidential Administration’s Medical Center is sseing a rise in medical tourism. Here, US resident, Farida Workman had the shunting of two coronary arteries on her heart.


- I looking for information in internet and I just read a lot of information about it. I found a special clinic that do the special surgery on my heart because.

This is the third foreign resident who has chosen the Almaty clinic. Patients are attracted by the professionalism of the doctors, who can carry out such complicated heart and vessels surgeries, using less invasive methods that let patients recover faster.


 - Our hospital conducts less invasive open heart surgery.

Kazakh doctors take training from highly qualified colleagues from abroad. The best doctors from South Korea came to Shymkent to demonstrate their achievements and techniques to their Kazakhstani colleagues. Six narrow specialists and 20 chief doctors of the South Kazakhstan region have already been trained in one of the leading Korean clinics as part of a bilateral memorandum, since the beginning of the year. Heads of departments and senior nurses will be trained abroad next year.


 - Healthcare is rapidly developing in Kazakhstan. There are many achievements. South Korea used to send doctors abroad for training as well in order to improve healthcare system. Now we are sharing our experience with others. We have bilateral cooperation and it impacts the development of the global healthcare system

According to experts, the development of both internal and external medical tourism can bring Kazakhstan tens of billions of tenge. According to experts, Kazakhstan has all prerequisites for successful development of medical tourism.

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