More than 85,000 heart surgeries were conducted in Kazakhstan last year. Doctors can now conduct any type of cardiac surgery with the help of new technologies. Kazakh surgeons were the first in the CIS to implanted wireless pacemaker. The main feature of this device is to regulate the heartbeat. The new generation device weighs less than two grams. Such small size lets implant it through the veins without any cuts.



 - The smallest pacemaker in the world today is no more than one hundred. The difference is that the electrode and a stimulator together exclude the suppuration of the bed, the rejection of the foreign body.


17 years ago, Natalya Studenkova suffered cardiac arrest. Since then, her heart rate has been maintained by a pacemaker. The old generation pacemaker was rejected. Then doctors inserted the new pacemaker and let Natalya to live a full life.



 - I was just resuscitated. I could walk next day after the surgery. Frankly speaking, when I heard about the device I couldn’t believe it will be inserted in my body


Such pacemakers are available for Kazakh patients now, they last for 15 years, doctors say. It is almost twice longer than the life time of usual pacemakers.

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