Leading cardio surgeons from 50 different countries will pay visit to the Kazakh capital to take part in the 27th Congress of the World Society of Cardiothoracic Surgeons (WSCTS). Leading specialists will conduct master classes and showcase the latest technology in medicine. The participants of the congress are also waiting for a rich scientific program which includes live discussions and reports by famous scientists.


- According to the branch of overall mortality of Kazakhstan’s population, the diseases of the blood circulation system account for a third of the causes. Thanks to systemic measures, the mortality rate from these diseases decreased by 3 times in comparison with 2005. Due to the fact that cardiac surgical care is developing and innovative cardio-surgical technologies are being introduced, the country's cardiosurgical service is recognized as a global partnership.

Different countries of the world hosted 26 meetings of the association. Every year the organizing committee chooses a host country for the congress by vote three years in advance. The consideration and choice of the state is conducted by fierce competition between the candidates. Preference is given to the country with favorable prerequisites for development of cardiac surgery and with a stable economic and political situation. Astana received the right to host the 27th Congress in 2014.

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