Kazakhstan pays much attention to the development of energy and resource potential - Kazakh TV

Kazakhstan pays much attention to the development of energy and resource potential. At present, renewable energy sources account for a quarter of the world's electricity production. By 2050, this figure is planned to be increased to 80%. Kazakh scientists support the President Nazarbayev’s initiative on energy efficiency and energy saving. The international exhibition Astana EXPO 2017 showed how faster the alternative or "clean" energy is progressing.


 - One of the important points made by the President in his Address is green energy. It means that the air will not be polluted. We are training such sort of specialists at our heat power engineering. The scientific work of our professor Altai Alimgazin was presented at the exhibition Astana EXPO 2017.

Kazakh citizens, who study and work abroad, are also discussing the President’s address. Young scientist Galym Nurumbetov works at the University of Warwick Science Park. He agrees with the President's tasks in the field of healthcare. In his opinion, the national healthcare system should be built up on the world's best practices and technologies, which will be diagnosed and treat illnesses at the early stages.


 - It is the application of new technologies that makes it possible to diagnose the disease, to apply the necessary treatment. As a result, the patient gets treated more quickly and recovers faster. There will be fewer chronic diseases. Sometimes the non-use of modern technologies and methods of analysis lead to the stages when disease becomes severe and cannot be treated anymore.  I believe that the latest technologies are particularly vital in healthcare.

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