Over 100,000 people visited the international pavilion of the United Nations at EXPO 2017. According to the UN representatives, the exhibition in Astana gave a new impetus to the world efforts to achieve goals in sustainable development. In addition, the expo has become a good platform for solving climate and energy-efficient issues.



 - Energy issues, energy technology access, efficiency, this is a very relevant issue in the world and I think Kazakhstan demonstrated very successfully its commitment not only to address these challenging global issues in Kazakhstan but also to help other countries to address these things by hosting the expo and becoming the hub of knowledge exchange. The United Nations have actively participated in the expo.


9 agencies of the United Nations like UNDP, UNEP, UNICEF, UNESCO and IAEA took part in EXPO 2017. Authoritative international organizations presented advanced projects in green technologies which successfully work in Kazakhstan. In addition, visitors of the pavilion could participate in the launch of a micro-hydro power plant, observe the process of generating energy, study the atlas of solar resources and play in the interactive sandbox.

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