The final document on environmental protection was adopted in Astana as part of the EXPO 2017. The Manifesto is designed to change people's understanding of current climate problems, and also to help develop alternative energy across the world. Astana EXPO 2017 Manifesto of values ​​and principles in the field of "green" technologies and sustainable development was presented at the final stage of the international energy forum. The results of the 11 previous meetings were summed up at the summit that brought together foreign scientists and businessmen. According to experts, 50% of electricity consumed in Kazakhstan is planned to be generated by renewables by 2050.



 - The Manifesto proposes the creation of a global green energy institution. This is also a new initiative. We hope that colleagues from other countries will support us, because there is an urgent need to create such an interactive platform, not only among politicians but primarily among scientists because we have gained some experience. We must say that Kazakhstan has a huge potential in the field of green energy research.


The new manifesto is designed to become a road map on promotion of the most interesting ideas and projects showcased during EXPO 2017. Based on its prioritized spheres, the global community will lay out a plan for further transition to the new era, the era of green energy. The text of Manifesto is available on the official website of Future Energy Forum.

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