As part of EXPO 2017, Kazakhstan’s regions mark the days of culture. The Pavlodar region presented its artistic heritage. The gallery of contemporary art hosted the exposition of more than 80 works by the most outstanding artists. The organizers divided the exhibition into several parts in order to show the masters’ artistic path. The exposition of works  of the mid-twentieth century opens which consists of portraits in graphics, the easel painting, landscapes and sculpture.



- We selected the works that will show differences between the art in the 60-70's and the art nowadays.  We wanted to show the artists of today. All art connoisseurs know about our artists from Pavlodar like A.I. Bibin, V.M. Martyntsev and M.P. Kolmogorov.


Furthermore, organizers introduce visitors to the modern art of Pavlodar. Landscapes, arts and crafts, unusual techniques and a mixture of styles are abundant in the Pavlodar modern art. In addition, masters admit that they are in constant creative search, so they look for new ways for self-expression.



 - My work specializes in graphics and landscapes. Recently, I’ve started to work with felt techniques. Felt is very multifaceted since you can make not only clothes, bedspreads, toys and souvenirs, but also make paintings by using the felt.


The fund of the Pavlodar art regional museum stores approximately 6,000 works. They are diverse in styles and handwriting, but they are united by great professionalism, respect for the Kazakh people’s traditions and the desire to be up to date.

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