Every day the participating countries mark their national days at EXPO 2017 in Astana. Bangladesh is one of those celebrating countries. The country presented its culture and a grandiose festival of colors with performances by artists. Bangladesh also demonstrated its openness to cooperate and interest in developing the green economy.



- Сегодня в Бангладеш, в жилых домах установлено 4,5 миллиона батарей, позволяющих получать электрическую энергию от солнца. Мы продолжаем разрабатывать подобные проекты. Сейчас мы активно работаем на ветро-, биоэнергетикой и ищем новые способы получения электричества.


Central African Republic dedicated its pavilion to themes of preservation of nature for future generations and maintenance of a favorable ecological situation. The state celebrated its national day, too. The country exports cotton, coffee, tobacco, cassava, millet, corn and bananas. The state is actively introducing renewables. In the near future the country plans to build a large park with solar panels.



- Central African Republic, like any other country, intends to protect and wisely manage a fragile ecosystem. The country has equatorial dense and moist forests on an area of approximately five and a half million hectares. The introduction of renewables is extremely necessary for development of our country and preservation of forests.


The organizers of the national day of Ethiopia treated all visitors with real freshly brewed coffee. After the official part, the celebration continued in the Africa Plaza. At EXPO 2017, Ethiopia is represented not only as the birthplace of coffee, but also as the state developing green technologies at a high level. The country is an exporter of hydroelectric power to many African states.



- Ethiopia has many rivers. The main rivers are the Blue Nile and Omo. Hydroelectric power stations are built on these rivers which are abundant in Ethiopia. Two hydroelectric power stations are underway construction. In general, they are built in combination with Italy and other foreign countries. Now a project for the construction of a wind farm is conducted and sources of energy are primarily water and wind.


Mexico is interested in developing alternative energy sources. Over the past 18 years, production in Mexico has grown by 170%. The country presented its developments at its national day. International investments are necessary for the construction of solar stations and wind generators throughout the country. Guests of the national pavilion were introduced to the state’s plans to attract investments. Moreover, artists on stage introduced the audience to the culture of the Mexican people.

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