Astana attracts jazz connoisseurs. As part of EXPO 2017, the capital hosted the first international festival of jazz music. High profile stars from different countries showed their unusual performances to the Kazakh public. The EAST DRIVE group opened the festival by skillfully combining folklore and modern compositions. Their music is a combination of professional instrumental sound and soulful singing. Legendary American drummer Billy Cobham visited Astana, too. He became a superstar in the early 1970's. The real adornment of the JAZZIA 2017 festival was the performance by a famous American jazz saxophonist Bill Evans.


- The cultural program at the expo is phenomenal and we can’t ignore jazz. We had to collect the high profile performers from different countries of different styles, different schools of jazz and we think we managed to do so. The purpose of the festival is to show that the energy of music and creativity is another source of alternative inexhaustible energy.

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