The number of expo visitors is growing every day. Turkish pavilion is one of the popular exhibition areas. It occupies the area of 1,000 square meters.  Visitors are offered a journey exploring the minerals and energy sources pf Turkey and new alternative energy technologies. In Turkey, almost one third of electricity is generated from alternative sources of energy. Tradition of using renewables goes back to ancient times here. These round arches symbolize water mills, which were actively used in Turkey in the past centuries. By 2023, Turkey intends to bring the volume of energy generated by water, sun and wind to 30%.


- We are in the hall of mineral resources. 77 out of 90 minerals can be found in Turkey's deposits. The most interesting of them is boron. Boron is the future of Turkey's energy industry. It is used in the production of batteries.


These minerals are brought from different parts of Turkey. At present, minerals are used in construction, healthcare and energy industry.


- Here you can learn about the energy map compiled in the 16th century by Ottoman admiral Piri Reis. It is still unknown how he could draw the precise map. We can use its data in the future.

Turkey allocates huge funds for research in the sphere of renewable energy sources. Last year, Turkey allocated over $1.5 million. There are also provinces with great potential that are being turned into green zones with solar and wind power stations. Another project that is planned to be implemented in Turkey is the energy efficient airport.


- This is the layout of Istanbul airport. It will be the biggest energy saving airport in the world. The airport’s capacity will be 200 million people per year. The energy will be preserved by the heat insulating glass installed around the perimeter of the airport and on the roof. The airport will open in two years.

Visitors can test the heat insulating glass in the Turkish pavilion. This is a standard double glazed unit. The warm air passes through it easily and you can feel it. This one is the innovative cool glass. It keeps the energy, so the heating or air conditioning is almost unnecessary. This is the essence of competent energy efficiency, experts say.

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