Representatives of youth and international organizations and members of NGOs spoke about the role of youth in building peace at a forum held as part of EXPO 2017. In 25 years of independence, Kazakhstan has become known in the international arena for its anti-nuclear initiatives and peacekeeping activities. As the UN Resident Coordinator in Kazakhstan, Norimasa Shimomura says the republic takes an active part in global processes, including its role as a non-permanent member in the UN Security Council. At present, Kazakhstan is a state that urges the conflicting parties to reconcile and provides a platform for negotiations.


- That manifesto corresponds nicely with Kazakhstan’s commitment over the past 25 years and its membership in the UN Security Council and you can now see that Kazakhstan is trying to support the discussion about Syria as well. So, I think in line with the President’s vision Kazakhstan is step by step making concrete contribution to help building the global peace. What’s important though is that Kazakhstan understands that to promote peace it’s not only enough to talk about security issues but also to talk about development issues. And this is why Kazakhstan is trying to turn itself into the provider of official assistance to other countries like Afghanistan.

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