EXPO 2017 is getting recognized worldwide through increased coverage in the foreign media. The Independent wrote about the exhibition in Astana as an excellent opportunity for international companies to enter the Kazakh and Eastern European markets. The publication notes that the expo is a platform for attracting investors from all over the world. The Independent cites the spokesman of the Uganda delegation Gideon Rutazindwa. According to him, Kazakhstan, thanks to its geographical location, has a huge potential for development of alternative energy. Moreover, he highlighted that Uganda expects to cooperate with Kazakhstan in the future and to exchange experience in a number of areas. The Azerbaijani Müsavat also issued a piece about EXPO 2017. The article highlights the significance of the large-scale event and the most interesting pavilions as well as the potential projects. The author claims that the exhibition organized by Kazakhstan deserves praise. According to the publication, the exhibition has been organized well, including its security, work of the volunteers and technical equipment. The author emphasizes that the circular orderliness of the pavilions are very convenient for visiting. Expo 2017 is a specialized international exhibition showcasing solutions in energy production and consumption and addressing the challenge of climate change.  

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