‘EXPO and WOMEN’ organization is offering to create the first women’s pavilion in the international exhibition in Dubai in 2020, as well as in all subsequent international exhibitions. Organizers of the Second International Women's Forum held as part of Astana EXPO 2017 expressed such idea. It brought together nearly 250 people, including foreign experts in the field of alternative energy development. According to the initiators, the pavilion will showcase the best developments of women. Negotiations on the creation of the pavilion are already underway; the proposal was supported by five countries.



 - It will be an international pavilion. We are appointing our ambassadors to seven countries now. They are Kazakh women who live in those countries, do business and can attract partners to present technologies and scientific innovations. These pavilions should facilitate business development, b2b meetings, negotiations, presentations of projects, and attract investments. We are aimed at attracting investments in our country.


International Women's Forum is aimed at demonstration of women’s achievements in environment protection, combating climate change, transition to green economy and implementation of social innovations. Kazakh female inventors received grants to launch their start-ups. They received $4,000 certificates.

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