Leading experts of the world discussed innovative ideas in urban energy as part of the EXPO 2017. Astana hosted the sixth conference titled the Future Energy forum. Participants discussed innovative solutions for smart cities including sustainable architecture, urban planning, efficient waste management and intelligent transportation systems and smart infrastructure. During the conference, experts highly estimated Astana's chances to become a smart city, the capital of innovation and advanced technologies in the region.


- Oh yes, absolutely, Astana can become an intelligent city. The intelligent city, remember, is no just hardware but also software. The hardware is clearly happening, you are doing electric buses, you are doing efficient transportation and you are doing affordable housing, things are new, you want to have censored networks but it also the software. You have a good university, there are technical institutions now, medical school is here, you want young people to be trained and led our technologies. You want to attract foreign investment and future looking businesses that are also the smart city, the intelligent city. So absolutely, Astana can do that. It is the most important thing because Astana starting small it can prepare to be bigger. What happens in the most of the world is that cities can get too big and they are struggling to catch up. Astana can do it right from the early stage which is a very important advantage for Astana.

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