EXPO 2017 is showcasing bright musical perfomances and unusual shows. Every day visitors are given a unique opportunity to immerse into the culture of different countries. Artists from Malaysia have organized a parade of national dances for the expo visitors. The colorful costumes of the dancers and rhythms of folk musical instruments of Malaysia have own the hearts of many. Various cultural traditions, including Chinese and Indian, are closely intertwined in this multinational state which are reflected in the dance heritage of the country.


- Hello, my name is Fred. I’m from a national department of culture in Malaysia representing Malaysia and Malaysian pavilions. So for today we have a Malaysian dance which is Zabinrau, Tang long dance from the Chinese community and Kabari from Indian community. So besides three dances we are going to perform today we have 20 sets of dance to perform in Malaysian pavilion for seven days for every 5 times a day representing the multicultural Malaysia it is already been two months here, we enjoy our dance, we enjoy our stay here in Astana because we love the weather. It is very different from Malaysia and we love the people here and we enjoy to entertain all the Astana and Kazakhstan people in Malaysian pavilion.  For expo, this is my first time in the expo and I feel very excited and I feel all the countries in the expo site also doing their very best to promote the future energy and we are going to do a better world in the future.


- Today I have seen a dance performance in the Malaysian pavilion and I have seen their national dances which are gorgeous. EXPO 2017 is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of the countries. For example, every time I visit the pavilion I ask: what language do they speak, how they greet each other, what are the words for expressions like hello, bye and how are you.  It sounds very interesting in their languages.

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