The expo’s visitors can find out about the future of our planet two centuries later in the thematic pavilion # 2. For example, the world's oil reserves are enough to last 52 years, 61 years until the natural gas runs out,  aluminum lasts for 70 years and the coal ends 110 years later.


- We can put our interactive key in a special nest. The statistics show that during the 9 years of coal use, we spend 34 billion tonnes of energy which makes us think about the environment and protection of it and about being careful and rational. We should make sure that there will be enough energy for our children, grandchildren and for the future generation.

Yet, the future is not so gruesome; there is a solution to the sustainable development of humankind, and that is the renewables, like water, sun and wind energy.

This room shows the best ways of preserving the energy.  Six developments are showcased here. For example, a resident of Nigeria, who is aware of what hot climate and lack of electricity are, has figured out how to store food in such conditions. Wet sand is put between the two pots. As a result, warm water evaporates and the pot remains cool inside. This technology allows storing vegetables, fruits and even meat for a month.

Further, how much damage humans have done to the environment by using typical objects in everyday life are shown. The visitor should insert the key into the hole and his or her palm under the light. It displays that 424 grams of carbon dioxide are emitted into the atmosphere in 10 minutes of the vacuum cleaner's operation. Finally, in order to consolidate the information, visitors can travel to 2209 with the help of the time machine. Guests can see several options for the future scenarios either the collapse of the universe or its salvation. All the inhabitants of the Earth should choose the path together.

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