Rare paintings from private collections of the USA are brought to Kazakhstan. The masterpieces of the Russian painters that played a significant part in the history of art in the 19th-20th centuries were presented in the National Museum in Astana. The exhibition is the result of cultural exchange between Kazakhstan and the United States of America. The artistic cooperation of the two countries resulted in the display of paintings by Ilya Repin, Aleksei Savrassov, Vladimir Makovsky, Pyotr Trubetskoy, Robert Falke and other famous artists. Visitors have the opportunity to study the development of the art at the turn of the centuries on the example of the best works of the prominent Russian artists. The exhibition will last until October. 


- The main goal is to show the masterpieces of the painters of the 19th-20th centuries. Majority of the paintings were drawn in Russia, Ukraine and neighboring countries. The majority of these artists spent their lives and died far from their Motherland. However, they artworks are always related to their Motherland. 

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