Rare items dating back to the Tsarist Russia, the Soviet Union and modern-day Kazakhstan were presented at a travelling exhibition in Astana dedicated to the Victory Day. There are over 6,000 Orders, medals and badges in the collection. 75-year old Kaiyrbek Ramazanov is the owner of the unique collection. In fifty years, he traveled to over eleven countries collecting items for his unusual hobby. The items cover various themes, such as sports, tourism, transport, aviation, cartoon films and television. The significant part of the collection is dedicated to the military and patriotic theme.   


-This year marks fifty years since I started collecting badges and medals up to now. Over the years, I managed to collect over 20,000 items. I donated 2,000 of them to a military history museum and over 10,000 items to Kazakhstan’s National Museum. The remaining part of the collection is presented at this exhibition.  

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