Beethoven's classical music and Bruch's romantic melodies intertwined in one evening. Astana Opera hosted a concert dedicated to masterpieces of the violin music. Soloist, famous violinist and owner of numerous international awards, Yerzhan Kulibayev delighted the audience with the music performance from two different eras. The conductor of the Astana Opera, Abzal Mukhitdinov admits that he performed Bruch’s concert with Yerzhan Kulibayev for the first time twenty years ago.


 - This year, we mark the 20th anniversary of the first performance together in Almaty. I included this into the program to celebrate the 20th anniversary. Regarding Beethoven's concert, today's performance is special due to the fact that I created the musical arrangements of Beethoven's cadences.


 - This is the music of two epochs, specifically, Beethoven’s classical music and Bruch’s romantic music. The music of two different eras and they are connected in one concert and one person, as he interprets. This is because there is a need to perform the different sounds.

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