Centuries-old traditions and national motifs woven into the woolen threads of beautiful Central Asian carpets - a special exhibition has been opened in Kostanay featuring unique rugs of the 19th and 20th centuries. The exhibition also includes master classes in carpet weaving by local artisans marking the holiday of Nauryz. Here, the skilled women demonstrate all the stages of creating unique carpets: from wool fluffing with special sticks to weaving with the prepared yarn on the antique looms. They also tell the visitors about the various kinds of carpets, embroidered, tufted carpets and pileless rugs. The styles also belong to certain regions of Kazakhstan – for example, pileless carpets are attributed to Kostanay and Torgai. Visitors also can learn about the legends related to carpet making and the secret meanings of the ornaments that adorn the rugs.


 - There are traditions related to carpet making. For example, there is a custom when women give a ball of yarn to children who then bring it to their mother. This indicates to the mother that the neighboring woman has finished weaving a new carpet, and now the neighbors need to support the women who have worked hard by cooking and serving them a meal. 

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