Exhibition ‘Renewal of Feelings’ has been opened in Astana dedicated to the Nauryz holiday - Kazakh TV

Exhibition ‘Renewal of Feelings’ has been opened in Astana dedicated to the Nauryz holiday. More than 50 works of different genres from realism to abstract art are presented in the exposition. The pieces are all united by the theme of rebirth of nature and the spring equinox. The exhibition showcases the works of famous Russian artists and beginning artists.


 - I do not refer my work to any particular genre. An artist should create in different genres. The main aspect is inspiration. Nature has always been a special source to me. Mountains, rivers and steppes are beautiful in every season. The nature in spring is beautiful in a special way.

The exhibition displays spring blossoms in every picture. The works of some artists documented the life in the Kazakh villages. Beautiful yurts, national games, wrestling and a rich dastarkhan depicted in the works introduce people to traditions of the Kazakh people.


 - Different techniques, genres and styles show how diverse the Nauryz holiday is. In general, Nauryz is an ideal topic that can be depicted in both abstract art with its dynamics and colors and classical academic art.

The ‘Renewal of Feelings’ exhibition of the best works of Russian artists will set the mood of spring for visitors of the National Museum until April 15th.

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