People of the Mangystau region marked the National Costume’s Day with dances and colorful performances.150 different outfits worn by people living in Kazakhstan were presented by the representatives of ethnocultural associations who then told the festival guests about the history and peculiarities of the clothes. For example, Ossetian Fatima Birkle found the similarities between elements of Caucasian national clothes and Kazakh costumes.


- When I wear this suit, people ask me is this a Kazakh national costume. I reply ‘No, it's an Ossetian costume.’ Perhaps, some elements either Alans took from Kazakhs or Kazakhs took some elements from Ossetians so it turned out we have similar costumes.

Representatives of more than 50 ethnic groups living in the region, as well as schoolchildren and pupils of kindergartens attended the exhibition. In the region every day of March will be dedicated to the culture of different peoples living in Kazakhstan. National games and dishes, bauyrsak and shubat, exhibitions and concerts will be presented to residents of the Mangystau region.

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