Abdumalik Madraimov from Uzbekistan recreates the unique instruments of the 9th century - Kazakh TV

Reviving the traditions. Abdumalik Madraimov from Uzbekistan recreates the unique instruments of the 9th century. To make the ancient musical instruments like gichaki baburi, dilrabo, dilnavo, miras and hush havo the carpenter uses plane trees, mulberries and fruit trees. According to the craftsman, they are durable and help resonate the sound.  


 - There is no significant difference between the dombra and dutar making techniques. We have built a special workshop. There, we make everything: staring with Uzbek national plucked instruments to sazsyrnay. We also make the national instruments of the Kazakhs, Tajiks and Turkmens. For example, now we are making Kazakh kylkobyz as well as double-bass.

The woodcarver believes that only preserving the ancient traditions the nation will not lose its identity. That’s why he is trying to pass the special aspects of every creation and musical harmony to the next generation. The craftsman’s son is already interested in his father’s work


This instrument is called the Andijan rubab. We have made it based on the old technique. We have slightly increased the size of the instrument. We have made the lid from mulberry. Before it was covered with leather. Now there is a difference in the sound.

Abdumalik Madraimov is set to revive the national craft of woodcarving. Thanks to him, musicians have the opportunity to play the ancient ethnic instruments.

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