For the first time the Turksoy Anadolu symphony orchestra is touring in Spain. The ensemble was created based on cooperation of the International Organization of Turkic Culture and Anadolu University. The composition of the creative team includes artists from Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey. The orchestra is performing in 5 different cities. The tickets for the two big performances have been sold out in Granada. The audience has given standing ovations for the virtuosic performance of classical works by Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Strauss as well as Turkic composers. The spectators liked the performance by soloist of Astana Opera, Nazym Sagyntai. She performed a song, the Bulbul by Kazakh composer, Latif Khamidi.   


 - We saw the performance of the orchestra in Ceuta. Despite the young team, we saw the performance of true professionals. Thanks to this orchestra, we were able to get acquainted with remarkable works, representing different countries and cultures. This is another proof that art has no language and boundaries. Representatives of a large number of nationalities live in our city in peace. During the concert of the symphony orchestra I really felt the unity of a number of absolutely different people.

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