Personal exhibition by Tatyana Nazarenko named ‘Journey to the East’ opened in Moscow. The laureate of the State Prize of Russia presented about 70 paintings about Kazakhstan. People and nature are central motifs of the exposition. This is the greatness of the steppe, the life of the nomads, national customs and traditions, the images of Kazakh villagers of the 1960s. The artist painted the daily life and features of family relations. The subjects of the paintings are the author's memories of three years traveling in Kazakhstan. According to the artist, it is important to preserve historical memory and spiritual heritage in order to create a future.  


 - You know, it was so beautiful there! When I recall the interior decoration of the yurt, here in the gallery we tried to reflect that beauty in the color. Extraordinary places in terms of nature and human relations. In the modern age, one must know his or her roots. You need to know how dombra sounds, how the songs are created.


 - Tatyana Nazarenko is a great artist, the queen of Moscow Union of Artists. Her art has passed the test of time, location, fame and has not lost its importance, depth and beauty.

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