A memorial evening was organized to mark the 70th birth anniversary of famous playwright Bakkozha Mukai in Astana. Creative intelligentsia discussed the life and work of the Kazakh writer in the National Academic Library. Bakkozha Mukai is the author of the books "When It's Raining", "The Flow of Life", "Song of the Swan", "Restless Summer", and many others. He was awarded the title of laureate of the State Prize of Kazakhstan for the novel "Mortal Existence" in 2000. The well-known publicist worked as the editor-in-chief of the journal Parasat until the last days of his life. Bakkozha Mukai made a significant contribution to the development of Kazakh journalism and publishing.


 - He was one of the top-grossing playwrights in modern Kazakhstan. His works were translated and published in central Moscow theatrical and literary magazines, publications, and collections; they were translated into many languages and staged in dozens and hundreds of theaters across all the CIS republics in the 1980s and 1990s and are still in the repertoires of individual theaters in Russia and other Central Asian republics. He stood in line with such giants of Kazakh literature as Auezov, Mukanov, and Musrepov.


 - Readers will never forget him because his works are not about himself, but about people. He glorifies not himself, but people. Then, there were 50-60 young Kazakh writers. Ten of them have been selected, and five or six strongest have remained. Mukai was one of them. I think that his work will live forever.

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