Ancient Uzbek city of Margilan is famous for its silk production

Central Asia is considered the cradle of the oriental culture and is famous for its unique crafts. Silk made in Margilan, the ancient city of Uzbekistan, is particularly famous. This city was one of the most important points on the Great Silk Road, and the fabrics woven here were considered the best in Central Asia. Here, the ancient silk weaving techniques and secrets have been passed from generation to generation. The local craftspeople use cocoons of silkworm. They unfolded them manually, and then the threads are dyed and weaved with the help of a traditional loom.


 - This weaving method has been used here in Margilan for more than 2000 years. It is the only place in Uzbekistan where silk is hand spun.

All tourists can easily take tours to local workshops, which are famous for a variety of colorful silk products.