The Zhastar Theater premiers a new performance in Astana. The troupe presented the performance on Zhanysh Kulmambetov’s parable titled ‘Yesaul.’ A Kyrgiz writer reflected his thoughts on the creation of a stable and integrated state. The author believes that the key to prosperity and well-being of the people is in solidarity and unity. He says that only in this way the people can maintain peace in the country. Honored Worker of Kazakhstan, Bekbolat Kurmangozhayev staged the performance at the capital's theater. Gani Kulzhanov, Daniyar Orazayev and Nurbek Alibek performed the leading roles. This parable entered the repertoire of the team with the purpose. The parable is rich in poetry and profound which the younger generation should learn from.


 - The language of the parable is very similar to the language of Shakespeare. That’s why we had to look for a suitable decision of a director. We liked that this parable is very instructive which is about freedom and prosperity of the people. It is necessary to appreciate and live in unity and friendship. In order to do this, we had to consider everything up to the clothes of the heroes. 

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